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Spring in the Sand of the Atlantic Beach Club – Newport, RI

Apr 16, 2015

Wedding Season 2015 has officially kicked off!  We celebrated with Marissa & Mike the first weekend of April.  Marissa was an absolutely stunning bride….I could have photographed her!  A week prior to their wedding, it was snowing and 35 degrees.  This was the winter that just won’t let up.  We crossed our fingers and toes for a pretty spring day and we got it, albeit a strong & steady wind.  Luckily, Marissa & I were in constant contact throughout her planning process.  Based on my recommendation, she booked luxe & swanky 41 North for portraits.

Family is so, so important for M&M.  I included a few special family portraits in this entry.  And this is just a small sampling of their wedding images.  When I say small, I mean less then 5% of their photos!  So many great photos, it’s hard to choose!  Just wait till you see the complete gallery!!

I’d like to thank the family & wedding party that was absolutely willing to do anything to get “the shot” for Marissa!  You guys were troopers and entertained all our crazy ideas with a smile.  You all were organized & hustled when we were under a tight window to create.  Thank you!

I also want to thank Marissa & Mike for turning Jefferson & I on to “Homeland”.  Best show on television.  Can’t wait to see where they go with the season this fall!  Congratulations on your marriage!  We wish you two all the best!!

Wedding Professionals:

Bride’s Dress: Essence of Australia

Transportation: Little Rest Limo

Hair & Makeup: Makeover Artistry

(Special thanks to Donna!  Even after the ladies endured hurricane force winds on a pier, everyone’s hair & makeup was just perfect.  Bravo!)

Cake: Fatulli’s

Rentals: Felicia’s Perfect Setting

Entertainment: Jason Citrone

Brides, this is so important when your venue is centered around the ocean.  It’s always, always windy in Newport.  Wind + Beach Family Portraits=HOT MESS.  We need some structure & architecture to block those strong gusts of wind.  The wind was blowing a gale during our allotted time for portraits.  I can tell you that this image would have looked so much different if we had tried it outside on the beach.  Thankfully, our awesome bride, Marissa, took our professional advice.  Please take this into account when planning your wedding.  Get in touch with me and I’ll aid you in securing great places so that we can create images you will cherish.  And I promise, we can still get those ocean photos of you and your husband.  (See the very first photo of this post)  I can be creative with angles & posing to go with the wind when we’re photographing a couple.  Family portraits and other formal groupings need to be photographed traditionally.  So in this case, we need a location away from the elements.  Your future-self will thank you!

See how I’m working with the wind here?  Instead of fighting it, I turned Marissa into the wind to pick up her hair, veil & dress in an artistic way.

Working with that wind again!  There were times while we were on the beach that Marissa & Mike and the photo/video team literally had to turn our backs to the wind and close our eyes to prevent getting a face full of sand.  We’d let it die down and then keeping shooting.  Everyone took it in stride and persisted on to get these photos!  Trust me, your parents & grandparents do not want to stand outside in these conditions for 15 minutes during family portraits.  This is why I cannot stress to you enough how important it is to plan on a non-beach location.

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