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Wedding Season 2015 has officially kicked off!  We celebrated with Marissa & Mike the first weekend of April.  Marissa was an absolutely stunning bride….I could have photographed her!  A week prior to their wedding, it was snowing and 35 degrees.  This was the winter that just won’t let up.  We crossed our fingers and […]

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Every time I hear a truck on the street, I jump up from my chair to see if the FedEx man has a package for me. Just about every day, I’m receiving albums. Seeing the books is so rewarding for me as a photographer. I’m typically drowning under mountains of digital files that need to […]

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Kara and Niall were married last September 5th. I really enjoyed the getting ready part of the day with Kara, her maid of honor, Sara and her mom Jackie. This was a super fun day. The ceremony was held at St. Lucy’s Church and the reception was at the Atlantic Beach Club.

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Kara and Niall were married at St. Lucy’s Church and had their reception at the Atlantic Beach Club. The pre-ceremony was so fun and relaxed hanging out with the girls. Kara was not nervous at all! Kara & Sara are quite the pair! (Try not get all tongue tied with those two names, huh?) Kara […]

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