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Kara and Niall are married! Atlantic Beach Club Wedding (Preview)

Sep 10, 2008

Kara and Niall were married at St. Lucy’s Church and had their reception at the Atlantic Beach Club. The pre-ceremony was so fun and relaxed hanging out with the girls. Kara was not nervous at all! Kara & Sara are quite the pair! (Try not get all tongue tied with those two names, huh?)

Kara and Niall entertained my wild requests, like, “Oh look at those curves in the sand from the polluted water! Those look cool…go stand near them!” (You’ll see the photo in a second and it will make sense) Thanks for being fun and up for anything!

For favors, guests received a custom printed beer koozies and starfish or heart shaped wine corks. The corks also doubled as place cards. Very cute idea you know is going to get used! And lastly, we played with sparklers on the beach before heading home. What a great wedding!!

At the reception, they had this wicked cool band from Boston, called The Chicken Slacks. You can listen to their music on the website I listed below. I liked Chicken Slacks because we actually conversed during dinner!! Typically, the vendors sit together during dinner and you wouldn’t believe how many bands don’t say a word to the photo/video people. But me and the guys from the Slacks had a lovely conversation. Diamond D is one cool guy and knows how to keep your guests up and dancing. And you know what was the best part? They didn’t play “Brickhouse”, “Don’t Stop Believin”, “Livin on a Prayer” or the “ChaCha Slide”. It was a nice change. Check them out if you’re looking for something different.

Hair: Ki-Ra Salon
Band: Chicken Slacks
Trolley: Viking Tours

I’m obsessed with shoe pictures.

St. Lucy’s is so cool…the architecture allows for some really cool angles.

The getway Vette! Way faster then a limo! I was behind Niall when pulled out of the church parking lot…wow, that engine just sings.

I love this picture!!!! It’s so simple, but I love love love it.

This is the shot I was talking about earlier…

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