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Spring by the Sea at the Hyatt Hotel- Newport, RI

May 21, 2015

Emily & Robby were married in April 2015 at the Newport Hyatt Regency Hotel on unseasonably warm spring day. 60 degrees in Newport, RI in April is abnormal, let me tell you! We were weather stalking like crazy when the weather was calling for rain. We made Plan A, B & C. Luckily, we didn’t need to use any of them! All of E&R’s family and friends were boisterous & lively! Emily put an emphasis on fun imagery….and she had the perfect crew for it. Beli, the couple’s adorable pooch, was incorporated into the ceremony. I love a venue that allows our 4-legged BFs!  Having pets at your wedding adds that extra element of fun!


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Bride’s Dress: Burnbaum & Bullock

Hair & Makeup: New Leaf Salon

Florals: Robin Hollow Farm

Videography: McElroy Weddings

Entertainment: LRE Entertainment

Officiant: Frank Camera

Cake: Scrumptions

Rentals & Linens: Rentals Unlimited

As seen in the 2016 issue of Newport Wedding Magazine


newport ri hyatt regency hotel wedding photos pictures

newport ri hyatt regency hotel wedding photos pictures





Emily’s invitation suite was made by this super crafty & talented friend!


Emily’s Maid of Honor surprised Emily with an awesome photo scrapbook.  Tears of joy and lots of laughter!newporthyattweddingpictures06I LOVE this of Emily & her mom getting ready!
newporthyattweddingpictures07newporthyattweddingpictures08newporthyattweddingpictures09newporthyattweddingpictures10newporthyattweddingpictures11newporthyattweddingpictures12newporthyattweddingpictures13newporthyattweddingpictures14newporthyattweddingpictures15newporthyattweddingpictures16Emily was a thoughtful bride and provided her guests with pashminas for the ceremony.  A MUST for spring Newport brides!  It was 60 degrees, but the breeze on Goat Island made it feel a little more like 50.  Way to go, Emily!  I’m sure your friends were so grateful!newporthyattweddingpictures17Beli whimpered & whined a bit during the ceremony.  Even the dogs get a little restless during ceremonies….newporthyattweddingpictures18newporthyattweddingpictures19newporthyattweddingpictures20newporthyattweddingpictures21newporthyattweddingpictures22newporthyattweddingpictures23newporthyattweddingpictures24newporthyattweddingpictures25newporthyattweddingpictures26So I balanced their rings on a this (GLASSED & framed) watercolor print at their reception.  (Glass being the key word here)  Getting metal rings to stand up on glass is no easy feat.  Patience is a virtual and lucky for me, I have a lot of it.  I got literally 1 shot off before they crashed for the 1,329 time, so here’s the ONE shot I got.  Grass, on the other hand, always plays along nicely with rings.  Nice job, Robby.  I’m a big fan of the cushion cut.
newporthyattweddingpictures27newporthyattweddingpictures28newporthyattweddingpictures29E & R practicing their choreographed first dance in the empty ballroom moments before their big entrance. newporthyattweddingpictures30newporthyattweddingpictures31E & R had these Del’s favors.  Their guests from Massachusetts had never heard of Del’s before!!!!  As a lifelong Rhode Islander, I felt it was my duty to inform their guests that its the most refreshing local treat around! (And also pairs well with Absolut Citron Vodka)newporthyattweddingpictures32newporthyattweddingpictures33The big dance, for real this time! newporthyattweddingpictures34newporthyattweddingpictures35newporthyattweddingpictures36newporthyattweddingpictures37newporthyattweddingpictures38newporthyattweddingpictures39newporthyattweddingpictures40A magical ending to a magical day.  Cheers!!!

  1. Portia says:

    What absolutely beautiful photos of my dear friend Em and her husband!

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