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Pat’s Senior Portraits

Sep 21, 2007

When Pat called me for his senior portraits, he told me he wanted to go somewhere “different”. (This is music to my ears.) I love the beach, the sun and the sand, but I always like going somewhere new with a fresh set of eyes. I feel like we created some truly original portraits here. Pat, thanks for letting me experiement a little on you!! Here they are!

This spot is about 2 blocks from my studio. I love the color.

I told Pat, “Ok, this is either going to work, and be really cool, or it’s going to suck.” (I’m an honest person!!) I thought it worked. I REALLY like it!!

I love the kick light coming from the right side of the photo.

I really like this one a lot too. I love serious expressions just as much as crazy laughing expressions.

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