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Oana and Michael are married! (Preview)

Sep 7, 2008

Oana + Mike were married over Labor day weekend and held their reception at the Black Rock Country Club in Hingham, Massachusetts. (Very exclusive club….we saw a certain Red Sox player there with his wife and kids! He waved and congratulated Oana & Mike as we sped past in golf carts!) Oana wore a beautiful mermaid style gown and carried a cascade of orchids. They had a beautiful ceremony and a gorgeous blue cake. Their reception, complete with a Lebanese band, was crazy and fun! Everyone had an absolute blast.

Thanks for having me! It was an honor to spend your day with you!

Oana hung her dress in this little hall window…I loved the backlight and the highlights on the wall

PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE that this Island Girl left Newport…..haha!!

LOVE this colored cake!!!

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