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Newport Life Magazine-Editor’s “Best Of” Featured Businesses

Jun 22, 2007

Since July 2005, I have been a regular contributing photographer for Newport Life Magazine. I have so much fun photographing for editorial assignments. I meet amazing people from all over Newport County. Everyone is so excited to be featured in the magazine.

Every June, Newport Life releases their “Best Of” issue. People of Newport County submit their votes for their favorite resturants, salons, car dealerships, martini, wine list, and so many more! The Best of issue is one of my favorite issues all year. It’s packed with photography!! (It also has about 8 pages of great Newport photography.)

Because the winners are TOP SECRET until the issue comes out, I haven’t been able to share these photos with you all yet. I’ve been dying too! Because of editorial deadlines, I photographed these back in April!!

Here’s who I photographed, and what catagory they placed in. (25 photos!!)

The Water’s Edge Flowers ( “Best Florist”. Water’s Edge was kind enough to create me a gorgeous bridal bouquet and boutonniere. (THANK YOU! They looked awesome in my studio after the shoot, too!!) The wedding photographer in me probably went a little overboard on this shoot, but they were so beautiful and smelt so great! I spent a whole afternoon in April driving around with them, photographing at various locations. At the end of the day, I brought them to the beach and actually put them in the ocean! (Don’t worry ladies, I won’t do this to YOUR bouquet on your wedding day!!) My car smelt sooooo good!!

Ida Lewis Yacht Club in Newport.

Special thanks to Kimberly Pucci for letting me photograph in her store. (

I loved this wall and the vines.

Kimberly’s table. She’s got great furnishings.

One of my favorites. (Because groom’s need their flowers photographed, too!!)

Here we are, at “the water’s edge”. Right before the wave is about to come in…

Last shot of the day!! My feet were freezing in the ocean in April, let me tell ya!

Angela Moore ( Winners for “Best Resort Wear” Here’s Angela at her store on Bellevue in Newport.

Aren’t these great? I own a whole draw full. I LOVE THEM! So Newport!!

All the things you need for a great resort outfit!

KiRa Salon ( Winners for “Best Salon”

All the ladies!

Here’s Portabello Jewelry for “Best Jeweler” ( Kathy & Melanie & I ALWAYS have such a great time together when we shoot!! I always look forward to our shoots!

I love this!

The Potter League for Animals. Winners for “Best Charity”. ( I thought this was going to be the easiest shoot. NO WAY!! These puppies gave me a run for my money! No worries, it was a fun challenge.

I’ve got a thing for huskies. How beautiful is she???

I love animals!

A good profile portrait will always work! Made possible with a little hot dog bribe.

Thames Glass won for “Best Glassware”. They teach glassblowing there if you’re interested! (

They have about 70 of these ornaments hanging in the window. I was so inspired by all the colors!

Whew! What a blog! I loved this project. The colors, the people, and all the hard work behind it! It’s a great issue. The staff at Newport Life Magazine did a terrific job. I know it was a lot of blood, sweat and tears on this one!!

  1. Jenn says:

    Nice work, love the bright colors and the pups too!

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