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Liz and Ian are engaged!

Jun 8, 2009

Liz and Ian are getting married in just a few short days, so you’ll be seeing more of them shortly! We went to some places that are particularly special to them. I love when we go some place that means something to the couple. I especially love it when it’s 2 blocks from my house, LOL. Ian proposed on the pier at the Yachting center! I’m very much loving forward to their wedding. It’s going to be a truly Newport-y, New England-y affair!!

Don’t they look great?!?! Styling!!!

Liz & Ian–Hopefully, we’ll see some funny people on Segways at the wedding to help us reminisce!

Edited to Add: This is what Liz had to say this morning when she saw her pictures!

“These are beyond beautiful. I can’t even tell you how much I love them. I had both moms calling me crying today!”

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