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Limited Edition: Cherry Blossom Portrait Sessions

Apr 19, 2007

May 4th-8th, I’m anticipating the cherry blossoms in Newport to come into full bloom. I’m going to be offering Limited Edition portrait sessions this year. The cherry blossoms will be the first, followed by Limited Edition: Spring Daffodil Portrait Sessions.

I’ll be photographing at Morton Park in Newport, which is two blocks from the studio. But, if you know of some great cherry blossom trees or bushes at a different location, that’s fine! Just let me know! The cherry blossoms only stay on the trees for about four days, so book your session today!

Here are some photographs of the cherry blossom trees at Morton last year. Picture you or your family here!

Limited Edition Portrait Sessions are the same prices as normal sessions: $110 for the sitting fee, with an additional $100 as a preview deposit/print credit. Sessions have no limits on photographs taken. Ladies & girls, white or pale pink dresses would look beautiful against this backdrop! For families, white tops and khakis would look great! High school seniors, get your photos taken early!

Call or email me for any more information!

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