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Lauren and Matt, Newport E-session

Oct 30, 2007

Lauren and Matt are getting married next May. (I’m very excited because it the cherry blossoms should still be on the trees!!) Lauren and Matt are a fun, easygoing couple. I think we moved this appointment around about 3 or 4 times because it kept raining on our day!! So we finally got together, and did one of my signature urban sessions, + some sunset stuff at the beach.

So funny story….there’s a parking lot behind the alley that you have to pay to park in. But usually, we’re only in the area for about 20 minutes, so I told Lauren & Matt not to bother paying for the few minutes we’ll be there. So I’m taking this picture of them, and through the camera, I can see the parking-ticket-writer-people walking up the alley behind them. I go, “Uhhh ok, those are the people we are looking out for. Let’s go to the beach!!”

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