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Lauren and James are married! (Preview)

Aug 28, 2008

Lauren and I were bonded the minute we started emailing. Lauren hadn’t locked in a wedding date just yet and told me she wanted a vineyard wedding. I suggested Sakonnet Vineyards and she and James fell in love with it on their site visit.

I loved photographing Lauren & James because their friends and family were so warm and hospitable. They have the most loving friends…their friends were so involved in the wedding. It was very personal and intimate–even with 200 guests!

Lauren & James–thanks so much for having me!! It was a pleasure and an honor!

Check out James’ crazy Photoshop skills!!! Lauren & James are huge movie buffs, so on every table was one of their favorites with their own faces ‘shopped in. Seriously, I don’t think I could have done the stuff James did. When I post their slideshow, I’ll include more movie posters. SUCH A CUTE IDEA! I love when people incorporate personalized things about the couple. It makes it unique.

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