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Kristen and Brian are married!!!

Mar 18, 2010

OK all!! Now that the new 2010 season is coming quick, I want to share the rest of my 2009 brides that I was too wrapped up in production to get posted here on the blog! It doesn’t mean I love those brides any less!!! It’s just my priority during “Season” is to get everyone’s pictures UP & ONLINE, discs mailed, print orders filled, emails answered….oh, AND…actually TAKE SOME PICTURES, LOL! It’s the constant juggle of the digital photographer.

Soo…..back to the good stuff: KRISTEN & BRIAN….what can I say??! I JUST ADORE them. They were such a highlight of my summer. Looking back at their pictures makes me happy and miss the red hot weather we had that day!

Kristen & Brian’s family made me feel so welcome. Their personal handwritten thank you notes, facebook messages and comments before & after the wedding make me feel appreciated!!! All their cards adorn my “THANK YOU” board in my office. 🙂

This is the email I received when Kristen viewed her slideshow. This is why I choose to be a wedding photographer:

“Faith, I have gone through three kleenex! LOL The images are so spectacular! Many, many, many thanks for all of the once-in-a-lifetime moments that you captured perfectly, from the emotions, to the surprises, to the expressions of love and support illustrated by our family, friends, and one another. Brian and I are both so incredibly grateful.”

Click-y planning links below:

Caterer & Cake: Russell Morin
Venue: Tiverton Meeting House
Florals: Polly Hutchison: Robin Hollow Farm, North Kingstown, RI
DJ: Jean Galipeau: Class Act

Kristen & Brian seeing each for the first time in Kristen’s parent’s lush gardens:

Puppy!!! He was so infatuated by Brian’s boutonniere!

This wedding was chock full of touching moments!

A nice moment between Kristen’s parents:

This is Shawn…I’m photographing his wedding in May. OMG…Can’t wait. It’s going to ROCK!

And the next series of images is thanks to Kristen & Brian’s AWESOME engagement session. This is WHY I do engagement sessions. Brian told me in May that Mr. Herbert from Family Guy makes him laugh like crazy. So all summer long, I practiced by best Mr. Herbert impression. By August, I was ready! So I unleashed Mr. Herbert on them at the perfect time and here is what I got…I think it was successful!:

And not only can I create the funny, hysterically laughing moments…I can also capture the REAL tender moments:

  1. Faith, your work ALWAYS inspires me. Thank you.

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