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Kristen and Brian are engaged!

Jun 5, 2009

Kristen is one of my most loyal blog followers. Brian says it’s a big event in their house when a new post goes up! So here you go, Kristen! It’s your turn!!!

Brian also told me that Mr. Herbert (the crazy old guy with the walker on ‘Family Guy’) makes him laugh hysterically–especially the line, “Do you kids want to come in for some cookies & wine???” So I milked that line for everything it was worth. I also came home and downloaded some Mr. Herbert videos on YouTube so I can memorize some new material for Brian when they have their wedding. I’m also working on perfecting the Mr. Herbert voice. My boyfriend, (also a big time Family Guy fan) is my voice coach. LOL.

Here’s what Kristen said when she saw her pictures:

“Thank you so, so very much for these beautiful pictures! You have done such an amazing job of capturing the personality of our relationship. They just get better and better as you scroll through the picture gallery. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at some of them, knowing what the context of the shots was. 🙂 I especially love the images of Brian laughing.

Your recent blog post is so true. We are both so excited to see you in August and have your documentation of our incredibly special day. We’re thrilled to now know you and are relieved that the only nervousness we’ll feel that day is about walking down the aisle, not how our pictures will turn-out. You are a fabulous person and a talented artist. Thank you!”

Go to your kitchen, fix yourselves some cookies and a glass of wine, and enjoy Kristen & Brian’s engagement pictures!

Look at these hot shoes! All my couples are wearing hot shoes lately, I love it! Brian’s are great too!!! I love the pop of color.

Beautiful! I love this….I love the look at Kristen’s face.

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