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Jen and David are married!!!

Nov 10, 2009

What a great wedding! So many great moments and emotions. The whole day was filled with love and warmth from family & friends. We had so much fun photographing at Newport Vineyards & by the sea at the Newport Yachting Center. I was looking forward to hora pictures all summer!!!! (Hora is the traditional Jewish chair dance at the reception.) I now have 4 amazing hora photos in my collection. Jen has such an expressive face. She’s a photographer’s dream. I made lots of series of images because I couldn’t decide on just one emotion to show. Jen & David’s love just bursts through the photos.

(Click-y planning links below!!!)

Florist: Studio 539
Caterer: Blackstone
Cake: Toria Dolce
Band: Horns In The House
Hair & Makeup: Sandra Downie
Planning & Coordinator: Whitney Berdy-Churchill Celebrations

Love this series….getting laced up and Jen hugging her mom. That’s a proud mama!!!

The next 2 series are Jen & David seeing each other for the first time. Jen’s mom walked her through the vineyard row where David was waiting for her. David just beams! It’s perfect!!


I really don’t know how they are going to decide on pictures for their book. It’s going to be impossible. 🙂

Working out that strong, golden light….

I just want to stop for a second and say that I made the next 2 photos in the parking lot. I really liked the way the grass looked and knew I could frame it and make it beautiful. Jen & David were fine with my crazy ideas to bring them there. This is the true sign of a professional artist. Taking a scene that normally would be looked over and turning it into something beautiful.

This photo was also in a parking lot.

Ketubah signing ceremony

David waiting for Jen at the end of the aisle

David breaking the glass….I love Jen’s excitement

I absolutely had to lay out a storytelling series of these 4 photographs. Again, I just can’t get over Jen’s expressions. So perfect!

Groom’s cake. He’s from Texas.

Waiting to be introduced. Yet another great series!!

Listening to Jen’s sister during her toast. Look at how David looks at Jen….so sweet.


I was literally giddy for the hora!!!!!! I love my job!

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