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I need help deciding on a shoe:

May 4, 2009

Hi ladies! I’m attending the Newport Life Best Of Soiree on Thursday and I need a neutral shoe! I found these 2 great pairs, but I can’t decide. So I’m leaving it up to you! Please leave me a comment!!!

Stuart Weitzman:

Cole Haan:

Ladies who still need bridal shoes: Cole Haan released a line of bridal shoes with their Nike Air technology. I have a pair of beautiful Cole Haan with 4″ heels and they are like wearing sneakers. I HIGHLY recommend Cole Haan. You’ll be able to dance all night. If you aren’t sure, buy a pair of their non-bridal pumps for work or going out. Cheap shoes hurt your feet. You’ll fall in love, trust me! Here’s the link to their bridal collection.

  1. Stuart Weitzman:

    Neutral yet a bit flirty, very contemporary. These yell wear me Faith!!!!

    Cole Haan:

    Neutral yes but conservative a “safe” shoe, so not the Faith “I” know.

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