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Happy 70th birthday, Bill!

May 31, 2007

One of my friends, Alletta, asked me to photograph her father’s surprise 70th birthday party. It was held at Three Rivers Cafe in Warren, Rhode Island. Having a professional photographer cover your party or an event is a great idea! It takes the stress off the family-shutterbug so they can just enjoy themselves! Family and friends don’t have to hassle each other to get all their photos together. You receive a CD from me of all the photographs taken at your event, all in one place within a week of your event. It’s so easy. After all the event planning, don’t you just want to enjoy yourself?

I love these kind of jobs! With family and friends enjoying each other–it’s just such a nice atmosphere!

Three Rivers Cafe-Water Street, Warren, Rhode Island. (Really adorable shops and resturants on Water Street!! It makes for a lovely Sunday afternoon trip!)

Signing the matte to go around an 8×10 from the party.

That is Bill’s photo on a tin of custom printed M&Ms!

Here’s a macro-photo of the custom printed M&Ms! The beige ones say “BILL IS 70!” and the blue ones say “5/15/07”, the date of Bill’s 70th birthday. (Wicked cute idea, Alletta!)

The kids were so excited to see grandpa.

The guests hiding right as Bill arrived. (He thought he was trying a new resturant he’d read about.)


The man of the hour!

Champagne toast.


All the guests.

We had a great view of the harbor!

Slideshow!! (I ALWAYS tear up watching other people’s old-photo slideshows!!)

I love it whenever there’s a slideshow at an event. I have the opportunity to capture so much emotion.

You’ll be seeing more of this family. I’m also photographing their family portrait this Sunday at their home!

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