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Food Photography-Why I have the best job ever.

Feb 19, 2008

I’ve been dying to photograph some commercial work. I used to live in the commercial studio when I was a photo student and I miss it. I got to try out my new Macro lens!

This winter, the Hotel Viking invited to me to photograph their new menu. They had me over last year around this time, too, so I might start calling this my annual Viking Food Shoot! The best part is hanging out with all the fun people at the hotel, and then eating all the dishes!!

Now, usually for big national packaging jobs, most shoots have fake food made of plastic or a mixture of real food with things that aren’t edible. But when you work with small businesses like me, we use real product. It can be a bit more of a challenge, but the reward is that you get to eat it when you’re done!!

Here’s Chef Kevin, the executive chef at the hotel:


In photo school, people used to call me the “Pour Queen” because I used to always shoot wine pours or martini pours. Chef Kevin knew he wanted more then just lobster bisque in a bowl and I was so excited to do a pour picture again!! Can I tell you that this is the BEST lobster bisque hands down that I have ever eaten. There is a whole piece of claw meat in the middle and creme of fraiche in the bowl. Seriously, best bisque ever.


This is Deconstructed Beef Wellington:

Seared tuna:


  1. Keith says:

    Outstanding food shots!!


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