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Elizabeth and David, August 4th, 2007. Federal Reserve, Providence. (The BIG blog!!)

Sep 13, 2007

Beth & David, oh my gosh, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I adore these two!! They are the most wonderful, warm, friendly and upbeat people I have ever encountered. I was so looking forward to their wedding that I was actually depressed the day after that it was over!!! This was my first church wedding of the year, and it was a goregous cathedral. Their reception was at Federal Reserve in Providence. (Such a chic place-It’s a converted bank, vaults and all.)

I had other clients see their engagement photos on the blog and the website, and people who didn’t even know them have been writing me to find out when their wedding pictures were going to be on the blog!! Beth and David’s personality truly jump out of the frame. They are just such wonderful people to be around.

I made the largest slideshow ever!! It’s 320 of my favorite images. So get comfortable and watch! Sit tight, it may take a minute to load on your computer. But it’s worth it. It’s set to ZOX’s “Canon”. (ZOX is a band from Providence. You might know them from all those yellow smiley stickers with their band name that are stuck in weird places all over the state.) Ok, so CLICK HERE FOR THE SLIDESHOW!! You really want to see this one!!

Gown- Vera Wang.
Flowers- Blooming Blossoms, Providence.
Band- Online Band.
Videography- David Bettencourt

And I could only narrow it down to 43, (43!!!!) stills to post on the blog. =)

This is one of my absolute favorites. Beth has sooo much expression, I love it.


These are the flowers David sent over to Beth’s house the morning of the wedding. Awww!

Beth carried a bouquet of orchids. They were so unique and fresh, like nothing I’ve seen!

She has the most beautiful eyes.

I actually got a little emotional myself while I was working on the pictures of Beth tearing up at the altar.

I love it when a guest’s flash goes off at the same time as mine. You get one of these “happy accidents”.

Love this.

Beth’s dad wore these fun socks that said, “Father of the Bride”

Beth wore ivory and her girls wore white lace dresses with a green sash. You can see more of the lovely ladies in the slideshow.

Rolls Royce!!

Hey, this place looks familar!!

We love the fisheye on the columns, way fun!

I love her gorgeous red hair on the green trees.

Great shot. I love this.

Ok, so if you want to see the rest of Beth and David’s party, including dancing on Westminister street photos and a really fun sequence of Beth’s dress spinning during their first dance, you want to watch the slideshow by using the link at the top of the blog.

Beth & David, you were truly, truly a pleasure. Congratulations!!

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