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Colleen and Chris are engaged!

May 5, 2009

Wow…remember that Sunday 2 weeks ago that was 90 degrees??? Colleen & Chris came in with their new Boxer puppy, Bruno, for their engagement session. Such rocking weather…blue skies, light breeze that played with Colleen’s beautiful, thick brown hair, a Del’s truck and a magnolia tree. What could be better?

Edited to Add- This is what Colleen wrote me after she saw her pictures:


You are amazing!!! The images are so beautiful, Chris and I are so happy with the pics we have seen. We are so happy that we chose you to capture our wedding day. Thank you for all the time and effort you have, and continue to put into everything-we truly appreciate it.


Maybe we will recreate this shot after their ceremony! I’m so excited to shoot in Trinity Church!

LOVE this series. Bruno, is modeling hard work??

This Del’s truck drove up as we were leaving the beach…such luck! I think this really sums up a Rhode Island Romance!

What did I tell you about that blue sky?

The first taste of summer weather!

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