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Ashley and Pat’s Wedding, 4th of July-Providence Biltmore-Preview

Jul 6, 2008

Ashley and Pat had a fun 4th of July themed wedding at the Providence Biltmore. They had a gorgeous, moving ceremony at St. Peter and Paul’s Cathedral. I wish I had audio of the ceremony; it was just so grand and amazing. There’s was a live trumpet player in the front of the cathedral, and it just so moving. Everyone was in tears, it was so gorgeous.

I had so much fun with Ashley; she’s so outgoing and hysterical. She had me laughing the whole day. I know it’s supposed to be the other way around–I’m supposed to be making people laugh, but Ashley just has such a big personality, I couldn’t help it.

There were actors at the cocktail hour playing Paul Revere and other revolutionary war figures. Such a cute touch! There’s a photo below of them with Ashley’s mom, Lisa. Check that out for sure!

Ashley and Pat–THANK YOU so much for having me!! I loved being a part of your day!

Florals: Golden Gate Studios, 401.421.0099
Videography: Bellevue Productions

I shot this through the window in the room where cocktail hour was overlooking the ballroom. The Biltmore is interesting the way it’s laid out.

  1. Peter Silvia studio says:

    Nicely done Faith. I especially likr thr one of her looking out the window. Very creative and original…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Faith, The first picture of Ashley and Patrick made me cry! They both look so beautiful! And the black and white one of Ashley looking down is spectacular. You are a great photographer and the photographs are wonderful! Love, Lisa

  3. Anonymous says:

    Faith, The first picture made me cry! Ashley and Patrick look so beautiful. And I love the black and white one where Ashley is looking down. They are all incredible. You are a great photographer! Love, Lisa

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