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Amy and Brad are married!!!

Sep 15, 2009

Amy & Brad were married in early July. (I know, I know…I fell off the blogging bandwagon again. Sorry everyone! So many great weddings, such little time!) Brad is a firefighter with my dad, so all of us were instantly bonded! It’s always fun to know a whole bunch of people at the wedding too…it makes the dancing pictures extra entertaining!

Amy & Brad had beautiful blue details with little hints of feathers! The kids table was especially my favorite. The weather held for us. During the outdoor ceremony, everyone was a touch nervous as we were seated in Blithewold’s lush North Garden and heard thunder roaring in the distance. We got through the ceremony dry, and even a giant group picture of everyone. And then, during the end of cocktail hour, a giant blanket of rain swept across the ocean, the lawn and towards us on the terrace of the mansion. You could literally see this giant wall of raining moving towards you….it was pretty amazing. I’d never seen something like it!

Amy’s daughters were such a delight! They were posing for me all day! You’ll see their wild dancing too! I want to bottle up that youthful energy into a juice drink or something…oh yeah…it’s called Red Bull!!!! =) Ok, enough rambling from me! Onto the “pix”!

(Clicky planning links below!)

Hair: Curl Up & Dye, Newport
Makeup: Apothecary, Newport
Florist: Flowers by Mums, Providence
Caterer: Blackstone, Middletown
Cake: Fatulli’s, Middletown
DJ: Rhythm Productions, Middletown

Amy & Brad seeing each other before the ceremony. Great series!

Brad designed their wedding monogram! How great is that??? What an involved groom!

Amy’s mom!

I was so excited to finally make a few pictures with the signature Blithewold bamboo!

Amy’s sweetie-pie daughters! When Brad and Amy visited me for our consult, Amy made me cry! She told me about how Brad proposed to her and then gave Carley and Natalie diamond stud earrings. So sweet!!
Love those mature willow trees. So gorgeous.

Amy’s dad giving her away….

Feathers at the kid’s table!

The girls checking out the cake

A very unconventional first dance! It started with Etta James’ “At Last” and then cut into “Baby Got Back” and then back to “At Last”. They have some great moves!!! The crowd was crazy for it!

The wild dancing I promised you….love the hair!

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