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Amanda and Adam, engaged in Boston!

Jun 3, 2009

Amanda, Adam & I had a great time wandering around Boston and snapping away. We even shared a CELEBRITY SIGHTING together too!!!! I finally posted it, yay! I’m looking forward to their wedding at OceanCliff in November.

I love the feel of this image…it reminds me of when I used to shoot film.

OK….Are you ready for a paparazzi shot by yours truly??????

So as I had Amanda & Adam posed against a fence in the Boston Commons, I was standing in the street with a good 4 feet between myself & the fence. Obviously, any people walking on the sidewalk would have walked in front of the lens and ended up in my picture. I could see out of the corner of my eye a man standing off to my left waiting for me to put the camera down so he could walk in front of me. (So considerate!!) I lowered the camera and said, “It’s ok, you can walk by” and it WAS CLINTON KELLY FROM TLC’S “What Not To Wear”!!!!! And he smiled at me!! I watch “WNTW” a bunch while I’m working on pictures at home and so I recognized him. But I was too star struck to ask him for a picture….so I snapped quick paparazzi shot from across the street with my zoom lens. Clinton looked HOT shopping all the boutiques in Boston.

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