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The October ladies are getting a few extra preview pictures since the fall months are the busiest months of the season and they have the longest waiting time. I thank everyone for their patience! Maura & Sean at the Hyatt Regency Amanda & Brian at Linden Place And sometimes….your pants rip. It happens =) Lisa […]

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I wanted to explain a few things about my blog, because there has been some confusion this year: 1. Due to the privacy of my clients, I don’t blog my couples wedding dates. The dates you are seeing on my blog entries are the dates I posted the photos. I ALWAYS work on weddings in […]

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Hello all!!! I wanted to let everyone know that you can sign up for emails to be notified when I post a new blog entry! It’s much easier then bookmarking me and remembering to check! Plus, I get excited that someone subscribed! It lets me know I have an audience & loyal followers. It totally […]

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Carrie & Mark sent me this really nice note about a month ago and I’m way late posting it. Better late then never, right??? Thanks for this Carrie!! You made my day!

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